This website has tons of boot info on Hendrix Jimpress.

Hendrix Berkley May 30, 70 CDR both shows (soundboard). $15

 Hendrix Woodstock Rehearsals Midnight Beat silver CD (70min plus). $75

 Hendrix Living legend Silver CD. Live April 26,69. Forum (78 minutes). $75

 Hendrix Silver CD Feb.16,68. Texas (whole show). $75

Sabbath Vol.4 Gatefold LP on Warner (missing poster insert) .Good. $5 

Cheech N Chong Los Cochinos LP on Ode.Color photo slide out cardboard sleeve.Good. $10

ELP 3LP Trifold Live on Manticore. cover pretty Good,Vinyl nice. $10

Carlos Santana Buddy Miles Gatefold LP. Rough. Live 72. $10  

Led Zep Silver 3CD. $100

 Led Zep Silver 3CD $100

 Pink Floyd The Wall Gatefold LP. Very Good. $10 

 Pink Floyd Ummagumma Gatefold LP. On Harvest.Very Good. $20

 Hendrix High Times Newport.Silver CD. Midnight Beat 5-25-69. $75

 Hendrix Texas 8-3-68 Silver CD. $75

Hendrix Rare.CDR. $10

Hendrix 3-4-68 Midnight Beat Silver CD. $75

Hendrix 2CD Numbered Silver CD 67/70 Studio. $100

Hendrix  69/70 Dynamite Studio Rare fan Club Silver CD.  $100

 Cooper Decent.Live LP. $8

Trower Decent Bridge of Sighs LP. $8

 Zeppelin Nice Gatefold LP. $10

Led Zeppelin 4. Nice Gatefold LP. $10

Steppenwolf Rare Nice LP. $10

Santana Caravanserai. Nice Gatefold LP. $10

Iron Butterfly Rare. cover ok vinyl rough. LP. $5 

Iron Butterfly Rare. cover ok vinyl rough LP. $5

 The Who. Good LP. $8

Deep Purple Fireball. Gatefold ok cover,vinyl rough. LP. $5

Zeppelin ok cover,rough vinyl Gatefold LP. $5