Shure VA 300C PA Head. Very cool vintage Reverb head. Works, used in occasional recordings in my home studio for about ten years. $60 

Vintager AC112 with manual. 60 watts RMS. Hybrid tube amp with 24 bit digital effects, auxiliary input, line output and headphone jacksand MIDI. $100 

Tube works Real Tube. B.K Butler $100 

NEW Gold jj 12AX7 tube with spiral filament. High gain low noise. Click on the picture for probably the best vacuum tube data sheet source. $25

 SOLD  EPIPHONE Valve Junior Custom Modified. Rebuilt and re-designed with 5Y3 TUBE RECTIFIER and  input transformer. Re-tubed with JJ tubes. Loud with natural compression.  $180

Tube works Real Tube. Older original  $110

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