I make the cabinets out of these solid hardwoods: Bubinga, Benge or Goncalo Alves . The guts are getting closer to completion. Not so pretty in the design stage though. These amps do not use any modern technology whatsoever for filtering, rectification or amplification.  

This is a hand wired custom amplifier that I designed and built. There will be only 5 of this cabinet style made. This is NOT a clone boutique copy of a "Fender" or "Marshall" amp. This amp has no semiconductors of any kind in it's construction. This amp splits the input three ways to three active filter 12AX7 vacuum tube preamp stages ®™. Three volume pots mix the levels of the treble, bass and mid signals and send them to the single ended EL84 output stage and deliver about 7-8 watts RMS at the speaker ®™. A negative current feedback bypass switch attenuates the preamp high gain for versatility ®™. In low gain setting, the amp works well as a (using a high Z mic or Low Z with an adapter) harmonica amp or clean guitar amp. The ability to control the high frequency roll off is a benefit this amp has for harmonica over normal guitar amps. "Tone stacks" are only high pass filters and can not easily control all feedback. Aside from high gain, this amp is unique as it controls the frequency/amplitude curve of the guitar signal also ®™ . The conventional "tone stack" is NOT used in this design. Each volume is also controls the amplitude of a frequency range ®™. The picture does not reflect the 1/4 inch line output added to the rear of the amp. The consumer line level out is an attenuated signal derived from the EL84 output stage of the amp ®™. It is powered by a 5Y3 Rectifier tube.